Wi-Fi can be more than basic connectivity. Our Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Solution fits all types of Wi-Fi needs and can be used for a small site, a large facility, campus, or a distributed multi-site business.


The importance of internet technology in our everyday life is substantial. Our broadband solutions cover a variety of needs as we can provide services over copper, fiber, and wireless with speeds up to 1 Gbps.


Communication is crucial to a successful business which is why we have put together a solid communication solution. Whether you need a single phone line or a hosted system for a multi-site business all options are available.

Looking for simple and reliable internet?



Technology is a large part of society today and technology has been at the heart of our lives. It is difficult to imagine modern life without simple and reliable access to the internet and modern communications networks.

Anterior Communications is a small, locally owned and operated communications company located in Southwest Missouri. We are a team of business, communications, and IT professionals from this community. We grew up learning about technology, fixing technology, and helping others to understand the benefits of integrating technology into their own lives. When we realized the severe lack of simple and reliable communications in our community, the idea of providing internet and communication services was born.

Anterior Communications is here with the sole purpose of providing that simple and reliable internet access for Bolivar and the surrounding communities. We promise to provide incomparable customer service to our customers at unbeatable prices.

Looking for simple and reliable internet?

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